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Restaurants using tablets for payment processing instead of smartphones

31/05/2012 - By Louis Georgakakis

Restaurants are using tablets instead of smartphones for payment processing.

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While most companies are awaiting the introduction of mobile payments to revolutionize the way customers make purchases, the restaurant industry has taken a different route, according to ISO and Agent. Instead, many food service industry members are adopting tablet point-of-sale terminals that can be left on tables for customers to place orders and compete transactions.

A study by the National Restaurant Association found that chefs were divided on their technology preferences. In a survey, 26 percent said smartphone apps would be the hottest tech trend in restaurants this year, while 25 percent cited tablets that served at digital menus and wine lists might become the most popular innovation.

Tablets are currently being tested in Buffalo Wild Wings chains along with three or four other national franchises, Sam Winter, the vice president of one technology company, told the news source.

TGI Friday's was another early-adopter, and reports have corroborated Winter's assertion that customers "can post pictures on Facebook (or) watch ESPN," while they wait for food, and "they can even play online games," to stay entertained.

Since the devices are outfitted with a reader that can accept credit cards, customers can pay when they are ready to go, cutting back on the amount of time it takes to turn over tables.

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