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Brands are cashing in on Pinterest credit card processing

19/04/2012 - By Louis Georgakakis

Fashion retailers are using Pinterest to generate online sales and offer merchandise in interesting new ways.

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Retail brands are getting on board with Pinterest to capitalize on sales opportunities from its roughly 20 million monthly visitors. In March, the social sharing network received 18.7 million unique visitors according to a ComScore study. More importantly, the site is driving sales. In fact, a Bizrate Insights survey revealed that one in four users are clicking on pinned images and buying items from the merchants' sites. 

Brand Channel lists some of the companies that are cashing in on these opportunities, including Real Simple, Better Homes and Garden, L.L. Bean, Whole Foods and West Elm.

"Pinterest is creating sort of a meritocracy of what’s visually appealing. Brands are scrambling and trying to figure it out. They know it’s going to be big, but they don’t necessarily know the best way to use it," said comScore vice president Andrew Lipman.

Retailers are trying to find visually compelling ways to sell their products that traditional advertising campaigns haven't demanded. Last week, Oscar de la Renta posted live pictures of its 2013 bridal show through pins on the site to draw attention away from competing brands, the source reports.

Other small retailers can use the site to reach wider audiences with advertising and capitalize on payment processing opportunities. 

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