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Consumers want quick, secure online transactions

14/06/2013 - By Louis Georgakakis

Consumers want quick, secure online transactions

Tag: E-Commerce

Buying items over the internet can be rewarding for both shoppers and retailers, especially if merchants invest in world-class credit card processing platforms. With top-notch solutions in place, a web vendor can accept online payments quickly and securely.

Time is of the essence for shoppers, and recent data indicates that more online patrons want to complete fast, safe transactions. Business Review Weekly points out that many people frequently spend time on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well, a trend that is likely to continue in the future.

Meanwhile, more web vendors are optimizing their interactions with consumers through social media marketing campaigns. By offering these clients the ability to make online purchases without delay, many web retailers may be able to increase their profits.

Business Today notes that social networks are bringing customers and vendors closer than ever before. In fact, innovative platforms could make it easier for vendors to connect with large groups of clients around the globe.

"Social media has democratized marketing," online shopping expert Jai Rawat told the news source. "Shopping is inherently social and with new technologies, social commerce is more scalable." 

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